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What you should expect of your selling agent:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of the target market area
  • Success positioning the sale to its greatest advantage
  • Proven techniques to win the attention of the greatest number of prospects
  • Proven techniques to generate competition among prospective buyers
  • Proven ability to enlist the co-operation of other agents
  • Useful market intelligence beyond published data
  • Targeted negotiating strategies to achieve sellers’ stated objectives
  • Market insight to guide advantageous decision-making
  • Skills in managing the transaction to a successful closing
  • Documented closing ratio
  • Strong and consistent work ethic

What Is Your Property Worth?

The value of your home is determined by current market conditions and is a function of supply and demand.  It is important to take into consideration not just what is currently on the market, but also what has recently sold, and what has failed to sell.  Many factors come into play in determining the best possible pricing strategy for a particular home. Just remember, it is the market that determines where a property will sell, not the seller or the agent.  What you do want though, is an agent who understands how the market works, and what should be done to make the market work for you.