Occupy Elm Street



Good news for New Canaan!  
Elm Street is occupied!


For the first time in a very long time, all the Elm Street storefronts are filled and business is coming back.


Soon to open are two new shops– menswear designer Jack Spade and the second Jack… Jack Wills, purveyor of what is said to be “fabulously British” style, aimed at the university set.  Upscale, trendy, timeless… what more could we want.

Well… maybe one more restaurant would be good since we are now a mecca for fine dining.

At last count we were at eighteen real restaurants… not counting snack bars, coffee shops, sandwich shops, takeouts and delis by the dozens…

Rumor has it– well, it’s more than rumor- that a new restaurant is soon to open where Harvest Supper used to be.  Stay tuned and I’ll tell you more when I have all the details…


Now it’s time to move on the the corner of East and Main where one great location remains.Any ideas for what you’d like to see there?