Curb Appeal Matters…


Nearing the end of summer—

with memories of unique and special gardens still in mind— here’s one last chance to touch on the topic of  what makes a property stand out from all the others.


There’s nothing like a garden to provoke an emotional response, and if there’s one thing everyone agrees on, it’s that a well-landscaped property is a plus, not a minus.



       How big a plus?  Well, that depends…


The value cannot always be monetized… and while there is no one who doesn’t love someone else’s garden, when it comes to having a garden… well…  there are many who haven’t the time or the talent to care for a high-maintainence project and might be inclined to simplify.  And that’s always an option…


But for sure it’s always easier to simplify than to begin a landscaping project from scratch!


I’ll go with the fabulous garden any day!


Curb appeal matters, and a well-designed garden is welcoming and draws the viewer in.  Among the homes I see on the market I can say with certainty that the home with the garden lingers in the memory… and is invariably described as “the one with the garden.”  For sure, the  garden elicits positive feelings and ups interest…  The buyer is engaged.  It may not always be the right place for a particular buyer… no place is ever perfect for everyone… but there is no way anyone makes the decision based on a lack of appeal.


Whatever the size, and it doesn’t have to be big, a garden has the potential to intrigue the visitor and capture the imagination… and turn a house into a home.