“All Eyes Down!”

Big Game Room

This just might be special enough...


Have you ever heard the expression All eyes down...”?  Probably not, because it’s not exactly a household saying.

But it is a good rule of thumb…  and if you stop to think about it… It makes a lot of sense.


When it’s time to sell???


Everything with eyes has got to go!  Well, not really everything…  but most things.  I, for one, will not be telling you to remove every family photo from the house.


But consider this…  even photos are distracting and buyers are curious…  and the last thing you want is for buyers to focus on your family instead of on your house.  So maybe you’ll think about minimizing.


But definitely store the moose head, and the mounted fish, and yes… anything, anything at all that is dead and has eyes should go.  Even if it’s a trophy…  it really should go.


Unless of course you are so special and unique that big game hunters are your target audience.  Then, I guess, the eyes can stay.