A Taste of the Town… A Taste for New Canaan



Tucker Murphy knows what’s good for New Canaan… and as executive director of the Chamber of Commerce here, she’s making sure the word gets out.  Since Tucker’s taken over touting the town, there’s no denying New Canaan’s feeling the excitement.


What’s good for New Canaan?  No question about it…  a vibrant town center, where merchants are busy and residents support the local restaurants and retail establishments…  A thriving business district that supports the tax base and provides the essentials for a self-sufficient community.  It’s all here and it makes a difference!


Last night’s Taste of the Town brought residents out to sample local fare in over two dozen shops and restaurants, from up and down Elm Street to as far afield as Cherry, South and Forest.  Admission was free, though contributions were gratefully accepted on behalf of  New Canaan’s Food Pantry, and donations were rolling in.  Volunteers were everywhere and people were definitely feeling happy.


From Ginger Mojitos at Ralph Lauren…  provided by the Roger Sherman Inn and mixed to perfection by people who know what mixing drinks is all about… served with really good hors d’oeuvres— we’re talking caviar here…  to gazpacho and shrimp at Design Solutions… and Indian cuisine at Thali on Main Street.  And that’s just what I tried… and, oh yes, let’s not to forget Red Mango’s coconut yogurt.  I tried that too…


There was more, much more, including a young crooner in the Pop-Up Park at the corner of South and Elm.  Kind of Frank Sinatra comes to New Canaan and definitely good…  definitely, very definitely worth listening to…  and very young to be that good!  A perfect backdrop to an evening of entertainment.  Who is he?  I’ll have to find out and let you know!


So for the next week there’ll be restaurant meals and deals worth coming out for… special menus at special prices… and New Canaan will be, as always, the best place to be!  Thank you, Tucker Murphy, for making it all happen!